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Jayati Ghosh
Tuesday 27 June, 2017
Imperialism, explains the renowned economist – whether explicit or implicit – is about the struggle to control economic territories such as markets, workers and natural resources. From explicit colonial control, imperialism has today evolved into forms of “inter-imperialist rivalries” wherein instead of a “free market”, the state exercises its control to further the interest of capitalists, rather than common people.
Jan Kregel
Thursday 18 May, 2017
Jan Kregel speaks on International Symposium on Global Redistribution and the Challenges of Financing Development held at ISS on 16 and 17 February 2017.
Jayati Ghosh
Wednesday 15 April, 2015
Prof. Jayati Ghosh discusses the possibility of a Greek default in its IMF repayments. Despite austerity, Syriza is unable to exit the Eurozone because of Greek people's pressure.
Jan Kregel
Monday 09 December, 2013
Prof. Jan Kregel argues that most derivative packages mask the actual risk involved in an investment and increase the difficulty in assessing the final return on funds provided.
Jan Kregel
Saturday 23 March, 2013
Prof. Jan Kregel talks about the causes and consequences of the Greek crisis, and the ineffectiveness and side-effects of austerity.
Randall Wray
Tuesday 05 March, 2013
Prof. Randall Wray explains modern monetary theory in which the evolution of money and how a monetized economy works is explained.
Jan Kregel
Thursday 17 January, 2013
Prof. Jan Kregel traces the history of developmental finance in the context of Latin America and talks about possibilities in the post crisis scenario.
C.P. Chandrasekhar
Thursday 27 September, 2012
C.P. Chandrasekhar speaks on "India in the Global Economy: Finance", where he speaks about the changes that have taken place in terms of India's relationship with global finance and its implications.
Jayati Ghosh
Monday 28 May, 2012
Prof. Jayati Ghosh explains how the recent election results in Greece and France reflect the public outcry against austerity measures being imposed at the behest of finance capital.
Randal Wray
Tuesday 08 June, 2010
Prof. Randal Wray talks about Hyman Minsky and how he predicted correctly the present financial crisis some 50 years ago.



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